Where does skip waste go?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your skip waste once you’ve filled it and it’s collected by your affordable skip hire company? The answer might be slightly more complicated than you think!

Rubbish skips exist to make disposing of large amounts of waste as simple as possible for the customer and over 17 million skips are hired in the UK alone every single year – that’s just for domestic waste! So it’s really important for affordable skip hire businesses to ensure they are disposing of this waste in the most responsible ways possible to protect our planet.

You might not have heard of a waste transfer station, but our waste is taken here for temporary deposition and sorting before moving on to its final destination. The sorting process involves organising the waste into specific categories, it’s a highly important part of waste disposal as it determines whether anything you throw away can be reused elsewhere.

Let’s take a look at just some of the categories where your waste can be reused in the future if you’re using a responsible and affordable skip hire service:

  1. Garden waste, such as cuttings, leaves, soil and mulch can be used to create compost in garden and landscaping projects.
  2. Old building materials such as concrete, glass and bricks can be crushed to create materials for a sub-base in future building works.
  3. Scrap metals can be recycled into new items.
  4. Old electrical items that are damaged, faulty or have been replaced by new models can be recycled for their parts.

The sorting process can be labour intensive, either sorted by hand or by the use of highly mechanised processes to separate different kinds of waste and debris.

Every affordable skip hire company will have their own processes of collecting, sorting and disposing of your waste, so it’s important to consider this when researching affordable skip hire to use for your project. Here are some things you should think about before settling on a skip hire service that’s right for you:

  1. Use a company who practice ethical waste management, talking to them and researching their processes on their websites can help you determine this.
  2. Avoid using ‘cheap’ skip hire because whilst it’s important to gain affordable skip hire, your price generally reflects the quality of service that you will receive.
  3. Opt for a local, affordable skip hire Opting to work with a local service will reduce fuel usage for collection and delivery of skips, reducing emissions.

Prince Recycling are really proud of the way that we handle our waste once it’s collected from a customer or large project. It is after all why we use ‘recycling’ in our business name. Read more about our specific recycling services.

We’d love to answer any specific questions you have about our waste management or sorting processes once your skip is collected. Contact your local, affordable skip hire service today.