What is a roll on roll off skip?

If you’re looking for particularly large skip hire, then a roll on roll off skip might just be the best option for you. But what is it? And how does it work?

Waste management facilities in Bishops StortfordRoll on roll off skips are extremely large waste containers for disposing of high volumes of waste that you will most likely find being used on construction sites.

They get their name ‘roll on roll off’ because they can literally be rolled on or off the flatbed of a transportation truck – this being the reason why they are best made for large waste disposal.

They can easily be loaded, transported and the waste then disposed of responsibly. Commercially, you may hear them being referred to as ROROs.

There are many benefits to large skip hire that come with hiring a RORO and these include:
  • Economical – Large skip hire ensures that you’re requiring the least amount of transportation as possible and can often save a lot of time and cost if you have a large amount of waste to be rid of
  • Cost-effective – Likely to need fewer smaller skips, large skip hire results in fewer waste collections – ideal for watching your budget
  • Rapid clearance – having a large amount of waste to dispose of would be achieved a lot faster if you have large skip hire with a RORO
  • Safety factor – Loading and managing waste is easier and safer for your teams, clearing the site of potentially hazardous waste quickly and effectively, minimising your health and safety risk
  • Unloading is easy – roll on roll off skips have a tipper door, which means unloading the waste is a doddle for all involved
Commercial clients making use of large skip hire include:
  • Building or construction sites
  • Demolition sites
  • Manufacturing centres
  • Industrial projects

On the odd occasion, a RORO can also be hired for domestic use where large skip hire is required and safe off-road storage is permitted.

Here at Prince Recycling, we have a large 40 cubic yard roll on roll off container hire available which is very popular with our commercial clients. We have over 100 of these available for hire and used regularly in various sites across Great Dunmow and the surrounding areas. We recommend our large skip hire for light commercial waste and large amounts of cardboard for recycling.

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