Picking Station for Waste Recycling Plant

Static Recycling Plant / Picking Station

In March 2021 we had a Waste Picking Line System fitting in the yard.

This has been a huge change for us and has allowed us to sort skips quicker than we can collect them!

The hopper is loaded by our waste handler, then the waste goes up the conveyor on to the picking line where the recyclable waste cardboard, paper, plastic films, wood and plasterboard is picked out and placed in shoots feeding separate waste bays for recycling.

The rest of the construction waste then goes through the trommel where the fines come through 20mm holes. The light waste is blown into a caged area, which gets reused for renewable energy.  Other waste is picked into a bay and then a magnet extracts all the metal into a skip. Then the end waste, which is clean hardcore, drops into the final bay, all the hardcore is crushed off site and re-used.

This system has allowed us to grow as a business and enabled us to mover even closer to our goals of zero to landfill, and it has also made a much better working environment for all our staff.

We’re proud of our commitment to our staff, our local area and our world!

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