Does all skip waste go to landfill?

It’s easy to think that all of the unorganised waste that makes it into a skip simply gets taken to landfill, however, if you’re looking to hire a skip in Dunmow; Prince Recycling can guarantee that the majority of skip waste is recycled responsibly with only a small proportion of it ending up in landfill.

Local Skip hire

Prince Recycling and many other skip hire companies endeavour to recycle as much of your skip waste as possible, there are several stages that your waste must go through in order for it to be disposed of responsibly.

  1. Sorting

Whenever you hire a skip in Dunmow, it will contain a vast mixture of materials as a result of your project. After all, that’s how they work for the ease of waste disposal. A full skip is taken back to our site and sorted into various categories ready for recycling. Larger items will be removed at this stage too.

  1. Treatment and processing

Each piece of waste is treated depending on the type:

  • Building rubble can be crushed and either sent onto a specialist for reuse as another product or recycled in-house
  • Scrap metals are categorised and stripped down.
  • Soils will be screened and rid of any other materials so it can be reused elsewhere and so on
  1. Disposal

Processed waste is then delivered to its next destination. Either to specialist suppliers who turn materials into other products or reusable building supplies like aggregates, scrap metals can be reused and timber can be recycled into various other applications. It’s only at this stage that non-recyclable waste is then sent to landfill.

Ethical waste

Ethical waste disposal is a hot topic and will continue to be as our planet evolves. Businesses and the general public who are looking to hire a skip in Dunmow can feel more comfortable knowing that their waste is disposed of securely and responsibly with the idea of ‘zero waste to landfill’ in mind.

Why Prince Recycling Ltd?

Selecting the right business to hire a skip in Dunmow should be more than just price-led. Prince Recycling is able to offer both an affordable skip hire service with added responsible waste management so you can feel confident in your decision about working with us.

Prince Recycling has been working within waste management since the 1960s and we’ve seen how waste management has evolved over time, adapting our business accordingly. We are a valued business in our community of Dunmow and offer a number of waste management services including skip hire, roll on roll off skips, recycling, grab hire services and 6F5 aggregate supply.

Need to hire a skip in Dunmow? We’d love to help you.

For full details of our domestic or commercial skip hire, click here. For our roll on, roll off service, click here. To contact one of the team for more information or to help you with any questions you might have, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.